7-Eleven and Simply Cups launch double recycling drive

Simply Cups and 7-Eleven have teamed up to recycle plastic straws and launch a reusable coffee cup.

From this week, consumers can recycle plastic straws in-store. They can also buy the rCUP – claimed to be the world’s first reusable coffee cup and made from other takeaway coffee cups.

More than 200 7-Eleven stores across NSW, Victoria, Queensland and WA are taking part. Customers can recycle not just plastic straws, but also takeaway coffee and Slurpee-type cups at dedicated collection bins.

Importantly, they can recycle cups of any brand.

In March, 7-Eleven partnered with Simply Cups to start a “recycling revolution”. Their aim was to rescue takeaway cups from landfill.

Since Simply Cups launched the program, it has collected a total of 1.48 million cups. It has turned them into car-park bumpers, hospital trays and other products.

7-Eleven CEO Angus McKay said, “We believe we have a responsibility to take the lead and find a solution to plastic ending up in landfill.

“A problem this size requires multiple solutions. We want to drive a behaviour change and help people dispose of their takeaway cups and straws responsibly.

“Our goal is to change the way the community thinks about recycling. We’ve seen that consumers are getting onboard. We encourage all Australians to recycle any brand of takeaway coffee cups or straws at the dedicated recycling bins at 7-Eleven stores.”

The rCup

In a further effort to reduce landfill, 7-Eleven is also selling the new rCUP (RRP$15). It’s made from six recycled takeaway coffee cups, collected from the Simply Cups UK program. The rCUP is 100 per cent leak proof and fully insulated to ensure hot drinks stay that way.

Founder of Closed Loop’s Simply Cups Rob Pascoe said, “We have a new partnership with a company that has developed cutting-edge technology to recycle plastic waste into a dough-like plastic material that can be moulded into new products.

“This locally developed technology is the first of its kind in the world. To continue to develop it, we need the community’s help to recycle their takeaway cups and plastic straws.”

Eleven and Simply Cups are calling on all Australians to visit their local 7-Eleven store to recycle their takeaway cups, straws and lids. To find your nearest 7-Eleven recycling station, click here.


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