AACS in call to action over crime in Victoria


Australasian Association of Convenience Stores CEO Jeff Rogut says he is fed up with the lack of government support to counter Victoria’s crime crisis and has called for action to protect small businesses as well as people’s lives.

Mr Rogut has been hosting meetings of the Australian Businesses Against Crime forum to bring together business groups, law-enforcement authorities, politicians, and other stakeholders to look at tougher action against criminals who target businesses.

“Each week we read reports of criminal gangs perpetuating violent crimes and robberies, with service stations and convenience stores in particular being targeted by these criminals,” he said. “What we don’t read about are any real deterrents to these crimes.

“Service-station robberies are happening almost every day. Surely as a state we can’t accept this as the new norm. The people who work in the 24-seven convenience industry are feeling less and less safe in going to work. It’s unacceptable and it must stop.”

Mr Rogut says the AACS is encouraging its members and the employees in Victoria’s convenience industry to pressure local members and vote to reinforce a zero-tolerance approach to crime.