And the priciest Aussie city for car owners is?

According to a new report, Brisbane is the most expensive city in the country to run and own a car.

The Australian Automobile Association’s latest Transport Affordability Index shows that doing so costs $19,745 per year in the Queensland capital.

This figure includes costs such as car-loan repayments, fuel, tolls, registration and servicing.

Rocketing petrol prices and the record use of toll roads are driving costs ever higher. In fact, in the past 12 months alone, toll operator Transurban posted $629 million in revenue.

“A lot of money is being spent by Brisbane motorists on transport,” the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland’s (RACQ) Rebecca Michael said.

Roads Minister Mark Bailey says the government is already taking action.

“You’ve always got to look at what more can be done to improve things for tolling customers,” he said. “That’s why the government has an inquiry.”

He also believes getting people out of their cars and onto public transport would be a big help.

On average, using public transport in Brisbane costs just $54 a week, compared with $380 for motorists.

“I absolutely want to see more people using our public-transport system,” Mr Bailey said. “That’s what we’re actually starting to see.”

The RACQ’s Ms Michaels agrees: “We’d encourage motorists to take the bus or take public transport where it’s possible to do so,” she said.


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