Brisbane fuel prices – which side are you on?

The Brisbane River famously divides the Queensland capital into north side and south side. But now it seems the gulf may not be just a matter of geography.

According to spokesperson Lucinda Ross of the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ), their Monthly Fuel Price Report showed that a gulf in fuel prices has developed too: during June, motorists on the north side of the river paid 3.6 cents per litre (cpl) more on average for unleaded petrol (ULP) than those on the south side.

“We’ve noticed a real north-versus-south divide in terms of fuel pricing,” Ms Ross said.

“In fact, our latest report shows those on Brisbane’s north side were not only slugged with higher prices than those in other parts of the city, but, at 151.3cpl, they were charged more on average than the rest of the south east.

“North of the river, we’ve seen an increase in ULP retail margins, which are now over 15 cents in every litre – it’s unfair on north-side drivers.

“Regardless of where they live, motorists should vote with their wallets and shop around for the cheapest deal. By only giving their business to servos doing the right thing, it puts pressure on those charging too much and encourages them to drop prices to become competitive.”

Ms Ross claims Brisbane motorists were charged, on average, 148.7cpl for ULP in June – 1.1cpl lower than May, but still more than all the other major Australian capital cities.

“While the average price was marginally lower than the previous month, this comes off the back of a slight softening of the global oil price we saw in June,” she said.

The report also showed Brisbane’s diesel average had risen 4.2cpl during the month.

Ms Ross says now is the time for drivers to fill up their tanks, as the Brisbane market has just reached the cheap phase of the south-east Queensland petrol price cycle.

“While prices are low, we’re urging motorists to fill up now if they see ULP for 137cpl or less,” she added.


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