An ‘elegant’ way to tell if the toilet is occupied

A US company has devised what it claims is an “elegant” way to show if the toilet (restroom) is available from a distance.

According to the Heads Up Lock Company, the new wall light is “pleasing” to the eye and an “attractive” addition to all users in any facility. The system is specifically designed to increase traffic flow in environments that use a single-stall WC. This includes convenience and retail stores.

A smart deadbolt lock sends an electronic signal to a sign showing whether the toilet is in use. If the light is red, the room is occupied. If it’s green, the room is available.

Heads Up Lock says most store owners know their customers’ comfort is important and can lead to higher sales.

Managers are also aware of how much time employees waste trekking to the toilet. Walking to a single-stall toilet is one thing, says the company. But having to wait for it can lead to lost productivity and sales.


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